Our management team is experienced in international project business.

We know the problems which can run a investment project off-course and a site out of rudder. As your partner we clarify the scope already during the design phase and give a strong input to set up the right procedures for the implementation on site.

Use our know-how and profit with better achievement of your goals.

We keep control and save your money.

  • Optimal resource planning
  • Optimal implementation planning
  • Optimal quality
  • Maximum flexibility for installations and refurbishments during running production
  • Minimum impact to operating Plants

…are taken for granted at ITM

We get everything into motion to let your schedules become reality. At optimal cost.

You will have one ITM contact for all topics of your field installation. We will give full support and take some of the workload of the shoulders of your project staff. On request we will execute the project management of your site and coordinate the interfaces.

On request we will deliver the installation material incl. pipework and fittings.

We are open for every concept and can adopt our services specifically to the type of project according to your needs. Our contractual concepts will be tailor-made to your requirements, e.g.

  • Turn-Key Installations for lump sum pricing
  • Installations for Unit prices against bill of quantities
  • Submission of professional labour against labour return sheets
  • etc.

...and what can we do for you?

Quality and performance