Installation Specialists

ITM has a pool of approx. 300 skilled workers, consisting of welders, fitters, mechanics, insulation specialists and electricians. Every worker is tested carefully before being permitted to work on ITM sites. We tested more than 1.500 professionals and handpicked the best for our team.

The ITM philosophy: Quality and Performance

Our staff is top in execution and efficiency.

They have to be, as we are carefully selecting our people and pay more than the usual rates to gain the best people for our business.

This directly pays off for our clients – perfect workmanship, high grade welding and excellent installations in the shortest possible time.

In the recent years we have invested very strong into our site equipment and tools. We are in a position to equip some large sites with good assorted mobile workshop and tool containers, e.g. equipped with

  • G+F Cutters
  • Shark Cutters
  • high-quality welding machines
  • orbital automatic welding machines
  • System-Scaffolding
  • and much more

The high quality of our tools ensures an outstanding efficiency of our staff.

Quality and performance